New project

New accommodation
popcentre Baroeg


Pop stage Baroeg has been around for over forty years, making it the oldest pop stage in Rotterdam. The stage has a capacity of 350 visitors and offers a structural range of established, innovative and talented bands within the hard and alternative genres of pop music. Baroeg is therefore a household name among lovers of the relevant music streams. This recognition has ensured that Baroeg has been elected as Real Rotterdam Heritage.

New accommodation is necessary to maintain and possibly even strengthen its position as a music venue. The new accommodation must ensure that Baroeg can optimize its exploitation and make better use of the accommodation. In addition, the current accommodation no longer meets the requirements that are set for music venues today and in the future. New accommodation is therefore necessary for the further development of Baroeg.

We support, advise and guide Baroeg in the development of their new housing, which is being developed on behalf of the Municipality of Rotterdam.

Our role

  • Managing design and build on behalf of user
  • Aftercare after delivery

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