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Art Center


Together with the Pension Fund Curaçao (APC), the Heritage Plaza Consortium (HPC) is working on the redevelopment of the Plaza Hotel Curaçao in Willemstad. Hotel, public space and water fortress are being transformed into an attractive place where residents and visitors can spend time together, with space for housing, hotels, educational institutions, an economic incubator and an art center.

The ambitions extend (much) further than just the redevelopment of a decayed hotel. The redevelopment is above all also a good opportunity to socio-economically strengthening the entire island of Curaçao, and in particular the historic city center (UNESCO World Heritage).

We advise HPC on the development of this location, focusing primarily on the cultural programming, aimed at strengthening the cultural infrastructure of the island. The ambition is to make an important contribution to the opportunities for talent development for local artists and performers.

Our role

  • Advisor social and cultural functions

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