The Deliplein, a hotspot against all expectations

Katendrecht is an unmistakable part of Rotterdam with an eventful history. We developed a high-end entertainment area with restaurants, bars, and culture. Lonely Planet now lists Deliplein as a must-see. We were responsible for the redevelopment of the Deliplein, amongst other things. The deteriorated real estate of the 30 business spaces was renovated to modern spaces with historical facades, housing a fantastic combination of businesses.


  • Concept development
  • Real estate development
  • Selection of end-users
The neighborhood Katendrecht had an infamous image. In 2005, an extensive project started to redevelop Deliplein and the rest of the area, to improve the quality of life and attraction of Katendrecht. In just 7 years, it changed from one of the worst to one of the best nicest places in town.
Room for opportunities

Spotting chances where others walk away

Attractive restaurants, cars, and culture on the peninsula Katendrecht were always seen as impossible. But the potential of the place was heavily underestimated. While many had written off this part of the city, we as placemakers saw some amazing opportunities.

From the start, we stressed the importance of a good balance between high-end culture, arts with great bars and restaurants. Which business fits where? We chose entrepreneurs that sparked enthusiasm. The idea behind it: with enough critical mass of great businesses, the rest will follow. We made the square attractive for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs made it attractive for the public.

STEAD was the developer of Deliplein. They saw opportunities in Katendrecht when no one saw them and offered opportunities to culinair, cultural and creative entrepreneurs.
Harry-Jan Bus and
Rachèl van Olm

Director of Theater Walhalla

Pioneers from the beginning.
Focused on value creation

Search for good quality entrepreneurs

You need long term thinking when building a sustainable concept. We’ve invited different stakeholders like the city of Rotterdam, housing corporations and entrepreneurs to become a part of the story. Hand in hand, against the current, looking for synergy.

For quite a while, our focus was to find extremely motivated entrepreneurs. We set the bar high with a strict selection process. This was meant to secure the added value at the finish of the development and for its future. You could say we’ve succeeded with flying colors.

Innovative and focused

Building on existing qualities

For a substantial time, Katendrecht equaled trouble and a bad socioeconomic situation for the city of Rotterdam. Before the transformation, Deliplein was a breeding ground for crime. But it is also a place with an amazing history. That is the strength on which we could build.

Bars on the edge of bankruptcy, prostitution and an abandoned railway made way for highly valued restaurants, bars, an authentic Rotterdam theater, makers and creative collectives. The transformation proved its attraction on a global level.



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