Renovation and expansion of a sublime museum

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has gradually developed into what it is today. It was built in four different phases and in particular the oldest building parts of the architects van der Steur and Bodon are of exceptional quality. Both parts are specifically built as a daylight museum and provide a fantastic experience for the art lover who visits the museum. The later extensions to some extent detract from the original composition of buildings, but the museum has more architectural and functional problems. The museum is in need of a thorough renovation.

The Municipality of Rotterdam asked us to determine the principles for a renovation together with the museum organization, including the associated budget. The result is a thoroughly substantiated global Program of Requirements that lays the foundation for the further development of the monumental museum into a future-proof museum. A museum building that allows the user to grow and that does justice to the unique collection that houses the museum.


  • Interim developer on behalf of owner (delegated principal)
  • Analyzing and involving user
  • Developing of the Program of Requirements
  • Budget determination

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