Redevelopment from office to swimming pool

The Zwemcentrum Rotterdam has been developed within the area development ‘Hart van Zuid’. The predecessor, Charlois Pool, was worn out. Many hundreds of thousands of Rotterdammers learned to swim in this pool. It had a prominent place in social life in Rotterdam South and in the personal history of many Rotterdam residents. The challenge was to develop a new swimming pool that gives an impulse to the surrounding neighborhoods. A new home base for sports clubs and (inter) national swimming competitions. But also for many the place where they get their first diplomas.

According to the developer’s ideas, a plan has been developed to redevelop the former sub-municipal office of the Charlois district into a swimming center. A swimming pool with basins on the floors, creating space at street level for catering and shops. The new swimming center opened in 2018. Many Rotterdam residents have now found their way to their new swimming pool.


  • Developing of the Program of Requirements
  • Analyzing and involving user
  • Tender management
  • Guiding the design process on behalf of the owner

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