New-build multifunctional culture center

The New Nobelaer is a cultural center in West Brabant with a library, art education, toy library, pop stage, events and a medium-sized theater. The New Nobelaer plays an important connecting role in the social life of the city of Etten-Leur. However, the housing of the cultural center is very outdated and no longer suitable for the function.

Commissioned by the municipality of Etten-Leur, we directed the planning development for a new cultural center. The task was to develop a building that maximally facilitates the user in its role in local society. The result is an inviting, contemporary design. A multifunctional building in which almost all spaces are designed for multiple use. The design stimulates collaboration and meeting between visitors, teachers and performers. Everything supported by a beautifully designed catering facility in the heart of the building. The new cultural center gives Etten-Leur a fantastic new meeting place. A beating cultural heart where many amateur associations, artists, visitors, students and performers will build new memories.


  • Interim developer on behalf of owner (delegated principal)
  • Analyzing and involving user
  • Lead design tea

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