New theater between ancient neighbors

The city center of Den Bosch will get a new theatre venue. The historical location, right next to the Sint-Jans Cathedral, presents some interesting challenges. After more than a decade, the decision has been made to build the venue on the spot of the existing theatre. It is a complex environment with an eventful history. This makes the local community and administration more sensitive than somewhere else. We’re responsible for the development of the new theatre and keep the process nice and calm.



  • Developer on behalf of owner (delegated principal)
  • Environment management
  • Analyzing and involving user
  • Manage design and build team
  • Aftercare
‘s-Hertogenbosch wants to maintain her position as city of the arts in the south of the Netherlands. A future-proof theatre venue plays a lead role in their arts policy.

Multi­functional future-proof theatre

We saw a chance in expanding the scope of the exploitation. That’s why – in an early stage – we took a fresh look at the Program of Requirements. Together with the advisors and user, we have mapped all possible use cases of a theatre building. The results were translated into the design process and will lead to a future-proof theatre. An exceptional and beautiful building on a special location.

Pro in process

Callm­ness in a complex process

The process of inner-city building presents some interesting challenges. For example, the building site will have residents on a 1-meter distance. And the rear directly borders a monumental monastery. Furthermore, the city center’s main square in front of the building hosts events throughout the whole year. We think through every step in great detail and stay in touch with the neighborhood and city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. That is how we ensure calmness in the process.


High quality despite tight frame­works

Because of the sensitive (administrative) context and extensive planning phase, there is little room left in terms of time, money and space. Many people in the area expect that the project cannot be realized within the framework. Working with the room we have, we’re going to deliver a building in 2023 that fits like a charm. A theatre venue that will make the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the operator and all locals proud. The design has already been marked ‘potential monumental’ by the Aesthetics Commission.


  • Area: 11.000 sqm.
  • Capacity Large Hall: 920
  • Capacity Parade Hall: 460 (seated), 1000 (standing)

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