New-construction accommodation for an incomparable theater

The Zuidplein Theater in Rotterdam South is a special theater. In its programming, the theater focuses largely on an MBO target group. A target group that generally has only a limited interest in attending theater. The theater is committed to talent development and social cohesion in an urban district where many residents live in difficult circumstances.

As part of the ‘Hart van Zuid’ area development, a new accommodation has been built for the theater. In the plan development, the target group has been leading for the design. This has resulted in a unique theater. A very multifunctional theater that is incomparable with other theaters, especially in the development of the public area. A unique meeting place for visitors from different cultures, a breeding ground for talent and also just a very good theater.


  • Developing of the Program of Requirements
  • Analyzing and involving user
  • Tender management
  • Guiding the design process on behalf of the user

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