New project

New theatre
Stadspodium Noord


Stadspodium Noord is a new theater for language-based performing arts: existing but especially new texts, from Pinter to spoken word, from first-time storytellers to international masters. A comparable theater does not yet exist in the Netherlands. Clear, contemporary stories in theater form. That’s what it’s about. Stories from all corners of society.

Stadspodium Noord brings the entire ecosystem together for this type of theatre. For the first time. Writers, actors, directors, producers, financiers, distributors and international partners. In a brand new building in Amsterdam with, in addition to a large hall (for 350 to 460 visitors), space for rehearsal rooms, studios, offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces and catering.

We assist Stadspodium Noord in setting up and organizing this challenging project. The project is currently in the initiation phase in which the basis for further plan development is being worked out.

Our role

  • Advisor initiative phase

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